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  • 17 Working Days (Classes - 12 Days ; Exam - 5 Days)
  • 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry & Maths
Course Intake
  • 24 candidates
  • 33400       Inclusive of GMDSS Exam Fees

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Documents Required

In Original: for verification by Examining body / IMC
  • C.O.C (for certified officers)
  • C.O.P (for Radio Officers)
  • Plus 2 (PCM) Certificate/Marksheet (for Cadets)
  • Recent Photograph (photo with Tie) - 5 nos of specific size of 3cm width x 4cm length. (scanned photo not acceptable).
ATTESTED Copies: by Gazetted officer with seal in English
  • COC (or) COP (or) Plus 2 Mark sheet (Front and Back side) - 2 nos.
  • Copy of Passport (First page & last page) - 2 nos.

Date Gmdss

Course Schedule

The course schedule given below is subject to change. Please confirm with us before enrolling for the course
13-Dec-2021 25-Dec-2021 27 - 31 DEC
03-Jan-2022 15-Jan-2022 17 - 21 JAN
31-Jan-2022 12-Feb-2022 14 - 18 FEB
21-Feb-2022 05-Mar-2022 07 - 11 MAR
21-Mar-2022 02-Apr-2022 04 - 08 APRIL
25-Apr-2022 07-May-2022 09 - 13 MAY
23-May-2022 04-Jun-2022 06 - 10 JUNE
20-Jun-2022 02-Jul-2022 04 - 08 JUL
18-Jul-2022 30-Jul-2022 01 - 05 AUG
22-Aug-2022 03-Sep-2022 05 - 09 Sep
26-Sep-2022 08-Oct-2022 10 - 14 Oct

Course Description

  • The Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) course is in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.25

  • It is designed to meet the requirements of the mandatory Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) qualifications in accordance with IMO resolution A-703 (17) Training of Radio Operators related to the General Operators Certificate (GOC) along with requirements of the Govt. awarding bodies procedures.

  • The course is jointly approved by the Directorate General of Shipping [Approval No. TR/A/37/2015] and the Wireless Planning and Co-ordination (WPC) wing of the Ministry of Communications and IT (Approval Letter no. L-14036/01/2009-COP/2162).

Aims & Objectives

The objective of the GMDSS Course is to educate ships' officers and industry personnel on the complexities of GMDSS. Emphasis is placed on the requirements, regulations, equipment, principles, and hands-on operating procedures of each GMDSS subsystem.

Upon completion of the course the learner will be able to understand :

  • The basic principles of GMDSS, including the GMDSS Master plan
  • The operational requirements of GMDSS
  • The basic principles of Radio propagation
  • The operations of a wide range of Radiotelephony & other GMDSS equipments
  • Commercial working & R/T log-keeping including SOLAS communications
  • The details of Distress, Urgency & Safety procedures and Radio Regulations
  • Front line maintenance of GMDSS equipments, aerials and batteries.

The GMDSS course is run over two weeks (12 days tuition plus 5 days exams) during which practical hands-on experience together with intensive tutoring by experienced and friendly faculty will enable the student to approach the Govt. Exams with the required degree of confidence.

Exam Pattern

The GMDS Exam comprises of two parts

Part I

Written Examination

  • Technical Theory, Radio Regulations and SOLAS

On successful completion of Part I the candidate is eligible to appear for Part II exams.

Part II

Log-Keeping, Practical, Orals

  • Commercial Working (Log keeping)
  • VHF Transceiver & MF/HF Transceiver
  • Safety equipments ( VHF DSC, MF/HF DSC, NAVTEX, EPIRB, SART & GMDSS Survival Craft Walkie-talkies)
  • Simulator Exercises (SAT-B, SAT-C, FLEET-77)

The Part II results are announced on the last day of the exam and Provisional Certificate is issued by Ministry of Communication on the same day.

The Simulator

IMC uses the MARCOM GMDSS Simulator, which is built in-house and is type-approved by DNV for conduct of the GMDSS course as per IMO Model course 1.25. The simulator at IMC consists of 24 own ship stations each consisting of the following modules :

  • MF/HF with DSC - Sailor
  • VHF with DSC - Sailor
  • INMARSAT-C - Sailor with Capsat
  • INMARSAT-B - Sailor
  • Fleet 77 - Thrane & Thrane
  • AIS - Nauticast
  • Navtex Receiver - Samyung
  • EPIRB - Jotron
  • SART with RADAR - Jotron
  • GMDSS Walkie-talkie - Sailor
  • NBDP Telex
  • Battery Charger Panel