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  • • IMC is committed to an operating philosophy based on openness in communication and integrity in serving our customers.
  • • Our vision is to exceed customer expectations towards quality, cost, delivery and value.
  • • We proactively seek and define customer needs while addressing their requests.
  • • We proactively comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements to which we subscribe, ie., the DG Shipping and WPC Guidelines.

About us

Indian Maritime College (IMC) based out of Chennai-India, is a D.G Shipping approved training institute founded in 1993 by highly experienced Marine Radio Officers, who foresaw the emerging simulation technology and the power of Simulator training.

With a motto of "Training Thru Simulation" IMC has focused primarily on harnessing the power of software simulations and artificial intelligence to provide hands on training for various elements of Communication, Navigation and Cargo Handling.

Recognizing simulator based training as the driving force of the future training requirements, IMC ventured into developing training simulators and pioneered the simulation training in India. This is evident from the following facts:

  • 1997

    GMDSS GOC training

    IMC became the 1st Institute in South-India to start DGS-approved GMDSS GOC training, using its DNV-approved MARCOM GMDSS Simulator

  • 2000

    ROSC and ARPA courses

    IMC was the 1st Institute to introduce in South of India, the Simulator-based DGS-approved ROSC and ARPA courses for Cadets.

  • 2001

    RANSCO Simulator course

    IMC was the 1st Institute in South-India to start the RANSCO Simulator course for Management level candidates, using their DNV-approved ELAB-NAV E Radar Arpa Navigation Simulator.

  • 2001

    LCHS Course

    IMC became the 1st Institute in India to set up the State-of-the-Art world-class Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator for their DGS-Approved LCHS course, with technical assistance & Training from Warsash Maritime center, Southampton - UK.

  • 2005

    ECDIS simulator training course

    IMC was the 1st Institute in South-India to start the ECDIS simulator training course as per IMO Model course 1.27, using ECDIS software from PC Maritime- UK in integration with IMC’s RANSCO Simulator, with approvals from the Liberian and Marshall Islands adminsitrations.Since 2013, when the DG Shipping had published the ECDIS guidelines, IMC’s has been conducting the DGS-approved ECDIS course.

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Our Faculty

Capt. Rajat Burman,

  • D.O.B : 13-04-1958
  • Qualification : Master Mariner (F.G)
  • Courses : ROC, ARPA, RANSCO, LCHS (M & O),ECDIS

Capt.M. Suryaprakash

Master Mariner (F.G)
  • D.O.B : 28-05-1954
  • Qualification : Master Mariner (F.G)
  • Courses : ROC, ARPA, RANSCO, ECDIS

Virat Polanki

Radio Officer
  • D.O.B : 21-06-1973
  • Qualification : B.Sc (Maths) ,RTG, GMDSS (GOC)
  • Courses : ROC, ARPA

Joseph Fernando Kumar

Radio Officer
  • D.O.B : 07-06-1952
  • Qualification : B.Com, COP II, GMDSS (GOC)
  • Courses : GMDSS (GOC)

C. Govindan

Radio Officer
  • D.O.B : 03-01-1960
  • Qualification : COP II, GMDSS (GOC)
  • Courses : GMDSS (GOC), STSDSD