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  • 5 Working Days
  • COC Holder
  • Completed Specialized Oil Tanker Safety Course
  • 10000
Course Schedule
  • Begins Every Monday
(subject to availability of candidates "minimum 3")

Documents Required

  • COC (1st page, Expiry page and last page)
  • Passport (1st page and last page)
  • TASCO Certificate
  • Passport size photograph - 1 No.
Date Gmdss

Course Schedule

The course schedule given below is subject to change. Please confirm with us before enrolling for the course

Click here to read the COVID 19 SOP to be followed during Simulator Classes

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the LCHS Course at Management level is

  • To develop students competence to take charge of cargo operations
  • To reinforce the students knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of crude oil cargoes, as necessary for practical purposes.

Upon completion of the course the trainees will :

  • Be familiar with different cargo operational equipment, instrumentation and controls.
  • Have a greater awareness of the need for proper pre-planning, the use of checklists and the time scales involved in the various cargo handling operations.
  • Be able to show a thorough understanding of the principles and practicalities for safe and pollution free cargo operations;
  • calculate the quantity of cargo on board at any time;
  • perform stability, draught and hull stress calculations, and
  • be able to apply the results to optimize cargo and ballast operations.
  • Gain experience in identifying operational problems and solving them.
  • Show improvement in the ability to make decisions which promotes safety and protects the environment.
  • In short the Trainee should be able to understand and take direct charge of all operations on an oil tanker in a Dry dock to Dry dock cycle.

The course curriculum consists of all operations normally associated with an oil tanker in a dry dock to dry dock cycle.

The course is a practical one and consists of a series of exercises structured around the operation of the cargo and ballast installation of an oil tanker and carried out on the Liquid Cargo Handling simulator.

The Simulator

Relying on their experience of over 25 years in Developing and implementing training systems Indian Maritime College choose to install the Liquid Cargo Operations Simulator, a joint development between Warsash Maritime Centre - UK and M/s. Ship Analytics - USA.

The purpose of the simulator is to provide very realistic real-time simulation of the thermodynamic and fluid properties of the liquids and gases involved, together with the process control systems used in the storage and handling of potentially hazardous bulk liquids.