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Duration 1 Days
Eligibility All Deck Officers and Engineer Officers
Medium of Training CBT
Schedule The course can commence on any working day.
(Also available as an Online Course)
Documents Required
  • Copy of C0C - 1 Set
  • Passport size photograph - 2 Nos

Course Description

The Management of Change course refers to the Changes to routine or non routine tasks on board ship that may affect the safety of operations, such as :

  • Installation of new type of equipment or components
  • New instrument setting on equipment (outside normal operating limits)
  • Technical modifications / changes to a ship
  • Use of new / different material
  • Temporary arrangements such as hose connections between process utility systems.
  • Changes to shore based and ship’s crew
  • Acquisitions of new vessels
  • Introduction of new type of vessels
  • New operations not previously undertaken by a ship
  • Changed operating conditions (with respect to prevailing weather conditions, crew experience, type of cargo, process followed on board, etc.)
    • The course defines the process for managing the changes, how changes are reviewed, evaluated and controlled so that operational risks involved are reduced to acceptable or at least tolerable levels.

Scope of the Course

  • The objective of management of change course is to establish the process for evaluating and managing changes to operations, procedures, ship’s equipment or personnel to ensure that safety and environmental standards are not compromised.
  • Upon completion of training the candidate will be able to recognize the importance of managing a change and successfully and safely implementing the same.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to MOC
  • Recognition of Change
  • Management of Change Process
  • MOC Program Implementation
  • MOC Program Monitoring