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  • 6 Working Days
  • COC Holder
  • Completed ROSC and ARPA Courses
Course Intake
  • 12 candidates
  • 10000
Course Schedule
  • Begins Every Monday
(subject to availability of candidates "minimum 3")

Documents Required

  • Please bring Originals on 1st day of course for verification along with
  • Passport size photos - 1 No.

Scanned copies of the following to be sent by EMAIL :

  • COC (1st page, Expiry page and last page)
  • Passport (1st page and last page)
  • ROSC & ARPA certificates

Click here to read the COVID 19 SOP to be followed during Simulator Classes

Course Description

  • The course is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping (Approval No: TR/A/68/2001)

  • It meets the requirements laid down in Regulation I/12, Section A-I/12 and Table A-II/2, Code B-I/12 of the STCW Convention, as amended in 2010 and all additional criteria specified in the STCW convention, applicable to the issue of the certificate.

  • The RANSCO course is conducted in accordance to the guidelines stipulated in the DGS Training Circular no. 7 of 2004 and IMO Model Course 1.08.

  • The course runs for 35 Hrs consisting of Theory and Simulator exercises.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the RANSCO Course is to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for knowledge, understanding and proficiency at the management level, in the use of Radar for voyage planning and Navigation in all conditions.

A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to

  • Make efficient and effective use of radar as a navigational aid in congested, confined waters
  • Recognize potential threats and make valid navigational and collision-avoidance
  • decisions based on sound radar observation and plotting in compliance with COLREGS.
  • To plan, organize and manage a bridge team, making use of all navigational data and
  • To communicate during distress using the GMDSS equipment, to respond to distress message, co-ordinate and execute a search and rescue operation.

The Simulator

IMC uses the ELAB NAV-E Radar-Arpa Navigation Simulator, which is built in-house and is type-approved by DNV for conduct of the RANSCO course as per IMO Model course 1.08.

The simulator at IMC consists of 4 independent and interactive own ship stations each with an IMO complaint Radar /ARPA Display, Control Panel with all navigation and engine controls, Steering Wheel, One Channel Visual and Electronic Chart system.